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Smartphone Platforms Distribution Facts for would be Smartphone app developers


Smartphones are usually thought of as being a mobile phone and a handheld computer combined. So a smartphone combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone.

Today’s smartphones typically also serve as:

  • portable media players
  • camera phones with high-resolution touchscreen
  • GPS navigation and Sensors like accelerometer etc.
  • Wi-Fi and mobile broadband access
  • With a huge source of applications from application stores/markets serving different purposes of users.
In general, they have advanced computing ability and connectivity than the previous genre of feature phones with faster processing speed and larger storage.
A smartphone runs a mobile operating system. Some of the major players in the market of smartphone operating  examples are:
Such systems can be installed on many different phone models. They can run third-party applications, using an application programming interface (API).
The distribution of these platforms plays a important role for developers to choose their development platform.
Smartphone Share by OS: (stat: Quarter 2 of 2011)


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