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Android Platform Stats: A biased post for would be Smartphone App Developers

Developers and entrepreneurs constantly keep eyes to the trends of industry to choose their next direction of development and business. As an Android developer, I am trying to publish here some accumulated stats (may seem biased) here in this post.

Android is becoming the most popular mobile operating system since Quarter 3 of 2010.  According to August 2010 data from The Nielsen Company, Android is now the most popular operating system among people who bought a smartphone in the past six months, while Blackberry RIM and Apple iOS are in a statistical dead heat for second place among recent acquirers (US market). During that period (Q4 of 2010), among all smartphone owners, Blackberry still holds the dominant share with 31 percent of the market, though its lead over Apple is declining. Twenty-eight percent of smartphone owners have Apple iPhones, compared to 19 percent who have Android devices.

top-recent-mobile-OS (Q4 of 2010)

See the beautiful young green curve rising of Android.

Nielsen company also researched what smartphones consumers had actually bought, highlighting those purchased in the previous six months in Q1 of 2011. Check the comparison with iOS below:

Comparison with iOS as competitor

See how green swallows the pie 🙂

Comparison with iOS as competitor

So, someday if anyone writes a book on “The Rise of Android”, she would definitely highlight the current period in a separate chapter how the Android platform is surpassing the competitors.

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