Some Useful Links for Android development [Based on features]

04 Apr

During my training sessions, trainers frequently ask few questions. Also I get a lot of requests to provide useful links on various features in Android platform. Although developer site is good enough and there is stackoverflow and github to get solutions, I think it will be helpful to many if they get some good links here.

1. LazyList: Creating Custom ListView with Lazy Loading:

Often you’ll need to show a big list in ListView with image icons which are supposed to be downloaded from any server. The problem is you can’t wait to get all images downloaded and then show the listview with data. This project in github solves this problem by asynchronous loading of images. Another great thing is that it supports caching of the images. Caching is down by saving those images in SDCard.

LazyList in

2. Location API: Accuracy of Android GPS

These 2 blogposts discusses various use-case scenarios regarding the use of Location API GPS data in Android. They thoroughly discuss the accuracy issues along with which way to choose during development based on application requirements. The posts are very detailed and great.

Android GPS: Accuracy Part 1

Android GPS: Accuracy Part 2

3. Android Location API: The Ultimate Solution

This is the best post to me so far regarding Android Location API. This post accompanies a open source project hosted in Google Code:

Location API: Deep Dive

Project: Android Protips Location

4. Android: Connecting with PHP+MySQL

Although the following blogposts do not describe “Best Practices”, but they are a good starting point to create web services in PHP(with MySQL) and connect from Android applications. They include source codes and explanation.

How to Connect Android with PHP, MySql

Login and Registration using PHP. MySql


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2 responses to “Some Useful Links for Android development [Based on features]

  1. Monirul Islam

    June 21, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Need links for design. Like Dashboard Design.

  2. Vladislav Bauer

    June 14, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    It could be interesting:
    (a categorised directory of libraries and tools for Android)


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